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Maybe we could have a poll here in Ahto to see what are the all-time most popular mods for noobs to try out, cause I know it can be quite confusing when you just get into KotOR mods to try and decide which ones are worth it or not...
And by ones that are worth it I mean ones that have been played through thoroughly, without all too many bugs, easy to use, cool, etc...

Originally Posted by Sabretooth
You can call me a forum n00b for this, but why the hell do trolls pop up on every forum I know and start asking why PCGameMods is down. I mean, why just PCGM? And why on every unconncected, random forum?
I think it's cause PCGameMods is what you would most easily fin in Google when you type in something like "Mods for PC Games" or whatever, hence it being so popular, hence people going "wtf?" when a site linked on Google doesn't work...

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