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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
Precisely, you said the whole World War scenario was immoral. That means what the Nazis did was immoral
Boah. No, Nancy. It means the WW was immoral without picking a certain party. Simply because war itself *is* immoral, regardless of which war in human history you chose, they were immoral.

Additionally it can be said that, without doubt, the Nazis did a lot of immoral things, yes. And as you might notice, it's a different sentence with a different statement.

Britain defending their country was immoral
They were defending themselves, so no.

Rommel realising Hitler's evil and defecting was evil
Realising something clearly cannot be immoral/evil/whatever.

Normandy was evil, all of it.
So we're now moved on from the question of morality to being evil?

America tried to do the moral thing and stay out before they were attacked.
Trying to keep out of an immoral war is not an immoral act.

Should we have just let the Nazis do as they please? Would that have been the moral thing to do?
Of course not! Don't you know how bad the Nazis were? XD

In fact, the notion to stop the Nazis was very moral. However, not killing endless numbers of innocent civilians would have been moral, too.

Yes. "The whole World War scenario was immoral" meaning that US intervention was immoral.
It stands there written in clear, understandable words. What is it that you cannot comprehend? The World Wars as a whole were immoral. P-E-R-I-O-D. There is not the slightest indication that even allows to read words like "US" or "intervention" into it.

I did not say and do not say the intervention was immoral. In fact I consider it a very moral motive if you want to end an immoral war. The bombings of cities, where innocent civilians died painful, is something I consider highly immoral, though.

You cannot have it both ways, you cannot say that everything about the war is immoral and then claim you didn't say it.
Huh? I don't deny saying the World War scenario was immoral? I deny that I said anything else with it. Especially things that YOU read into it. You obviously don't even try to understand where I am coming from. You just go all "RANA RANA RANA RHUBARB RHUBARB RHUBARB" without even noticing what I tell you for the second day now. I mean, it's almost unbelievable, I say NO I DON'T SAY NAZIS DID GOOD and you keep stating that I would say this with every word I say. Why? Do you think I will give in with the time?

As an unrelated example, if a guy says he doesn't like girls that doesn't mean he has gay tendencies, it just means he doesn't like girls. Tell me, can you abstract that?


Hm. Okay Nancy, for the very last time I will repeat myself (and rephrase):

In case no one ever would have taken action in fighting back the Nazis, be it Russia, the UK, the US, France, whoever else, the Nazis would possibly have come much further than they were, but considering that all past empires, even if they became really large and were brutal and oppressing in nature, are gone for good, the fictive Nazi empire would be encounter the same fate sooner or later. Seeing it from that point of view, the historical point of view, one could conclude that in order to "just have the Nazis disappear" no explicit action was necessary, even if that means the Nazis would last a thousand years longer -- but I think we all agree that no one wants or ever wanted that, and we all are shiny happy dancing people today because it came otherwise, and we could send a man to the moon and debate whether the climate is changing or not.


As a further note to all readers - I won't participate in this poll, as it clearly does not stand in original context to my statement from the Revisiting Moral Objectivism with Mathematical Notation thread. This poll is utterly useless and so is the (falsified) message it tries to bring across.

Also, I suggest closure of this thread, and a reopening of the other one, including a clean up starting from post #82 at least. (But not #71 m'kay )

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