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Originally Posted by Ray Jones
Additionally it can be said that, without doubt, the Nazis did a lot of immoral things, yes.
Nazis did a lot of evil things, should be included in this statement.

Originally Posted by Ray Jones
In fact, the notion to stop the Nazis was very moral. However, not killing endless numbers of innocent civilians would have been moral, too.
People die in war, some people can't accuse every soldier, pilot and sailer who fought in that war as immoral, innocent blood is going to be spilled; it's just going to happen.
Evil must be stop by any means necessary, well people in the world would have to just continue to argue this.
Logicians seem to don't factor in evil; only positive right and negative wrong, in terms of morality.
Logicians seem to believe that evil don't exist, since some people consider evil supernatural; so not subject to explanation according to natural laws; not physical or material and can't be tested by science, as the skeptics of evil would argue.

Evil can use the philosophy of morality, to make their evil seem positive good from their perspective.
Like the Nazis did with their murdering of the Jews, ethnic minorities, mentally ill and homosexuals, in the death camps.
Evil can make evil seem good.

People must be aware of this!

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