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My my Ray, you sound upset. What's wrong? It might be advisable to be careful, the way you're bouncing off the walls you could have a heart attack or anything.

Perhaps what you are trying to say is that as immoral as it is there are times war is necessary, such as fighting against tyranny, opression, prosecution and, in the case of the Jews, annihilation. There is still the matter of whether or not fighting the Nazis was necessary. You maintain that it wasn't, as all evil empires eventually die out. It might take a thousand years but they will eventually fall. Unfortunatly for you and Nazi Germany the world couldn't take that chance. We could have acted and saved most of Europe from the Nazis, you yourself say how bad they were, and stopped their future plans which included speeding up their plans for genocide and destruction rather than conquer. Or we could have thought it unnecessary to act and see how many years, decades or even centuries it would have taken for the goose stepping, sieg heiling mass murderers to fall.

Now, with you screaming for this thread to be closed, TK is cut because he feels I derailed his thread. Perhaps he would like to return the favor. May I suggest home decorating?
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