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Originally Posted by Ray Jones

Quick everybody --- reboot!!


Phew. That was close.

Boohoo. The big bad Nazis. No, Nancy. (A) No country ever had the power to take on the whole world. Sooner or later the Nazis would have failed. (B) The clear alternative to violence would have been for Germans to not "support" Hitler in the first place. (C) The whole World War scenario was immoral, no need to discuss whether the intervention of the US was moral or not.
What in the hell is you talking about, Ray?
The Nazis would rule the world now if Britain didn't stall them long enough until D-Day arrived.
The Holocaust would probably still be going on today, in full gear, you underestimate the evil the Nazis
Even though they was evil, the Nazis had genius, scientists and engineers working for them, if Britain didn't stall them, and they had time to fully and wisely implemented, the Heinkel He 343 bomber jet, Messerschmitt Me 262 fighter jet, Arado Ar 234, bomber jet.
Also not forgetting Japan's experimental jets, :Nakajima Ki-201, turbojet interceptor/attack and Nakajima Kikka, Turbojet Interceptor.
If Germany with help of Japan could had fully implemented these fighters, intercepters and bombers early in the war, like around the Battle of Britain( July, 10 1940 31 October 1940) and Britain was conquered; they would have won the war, no question, because the allies wouldn't have had nothing to counter that millitary air tech later.
And shroud of evil will blanket the world today.
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