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Originally Posted by Ray Jones
Yes I have thought this through, did you read what I wrote? The Nazis would have been sorted out on their own. They would have never succeeded in taking over the world. NEVER. No martial attempt to do so in human history did ever succeed. You cannot just go conquer and oppress the world and expect everybody to play along. So, from a certain point of view, it wasn't necessary to take them out in order to make the regime go away. Maybe you read more into it, but I didn't say anything more.
Usually, "don't play along" is more or less synonymous with "violent uprising". There's very few revolutions that I know of that didn't involve violence. You could say that yes, there has been cases where peaceful protests have succeeded, but when it comes down to it for the vast majority of humanity, waving your hand and saying "stop" isn't going to prevent a machine gun from doing its work.

I'm also not sure what you mean by stating that no attempt at martial dominance has ever worked in history; the Roman Empire was vicious, brutal, and war mongering, yet it lasted for a 1000 years.

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