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Originally Posted by Tyrion
Usually, "don't play along" is more or less synonymous with "violent uprising". There's very few revolutions that I know of that didn't involve violence. You could say that yes, there has been cases where peaceful protests have succeeded, but when it comes down to it for the vast majority of humanity, waving your hand and saying "stop" isn't going to prevent a machine gun from doing its work.
I did not say something else. On the other hand, to me it seems pretty much a hard task to refill the gaps when you kill like 90% of the earth's population. And it seems impossible to control the whole world when you only got a handful citizens to fill up 50 villages and 10 cities. As an example, it took 250 years alone for the Europeans to get back from nature after the black death in the 14th century. Plans to take the world are always big, but what comes next?

I'm also not sure what you mean by stating that no attempt at martial dominance has ever worked in history; the Roman Empire was vicious, brutal, and war mongering, yet it lasted for a 1000 years.
Yes, but did the Roman empire conquer the whole world? No. And where is the Roman empire now with all its brutality and viciousness? Gone. Mainly due to internal problems, be it military, economic, or with their populace, that made it also easier for external aggressors to defeat them.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
Oh, that makes everything Hitler did alright then.
Who said that?

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