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You must be kidding me. Where did I say Hitler did right? Please be so kind and give me a quote. All I said he was doomed to fail and would have failed even if we had not stopped him, hence there was not necessity in stopping him. So would you pleas calm down and try to understand what I actually am trying to say. :/

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
he conducted the Jews to medical experiments in order to find new ways to wipe out his enemies
Originally Posted by Rayston
to me it seems pretty much a hard task to refill the gaps when you kill like 90% of the earth's population. And it seems impossible to control the whole world when you only got a handful citizens to fill up 50 villages and 10 cities. As an example, it took 250 years alone for the Europeans to get back from nature after the black death in the 14th century. Plans to take the world are always big, but what comes next?

you're a kook and you're dangerous
Because of an opinion? Because of a rational statement? Because I can provide a logical reasoning for my thoughts?

not to mention either too cowardly to realise that the Nazis had to be stopped and justice for the millions of those theykilled had to be served or you're in support of their efforts.
Nancy. Please I did in no way ever state what the Nazis did was good or the like. And just for one moment, assume the Nazis would not have been stopped, what now? Maybe the US had not dropped 2 a-bombs over Japan. Maybe Vietnam would not have happened? No Korea? No gulf conficts? None of those wars? No 9/11?

Let me tell you something - as bad as Nazis may have been - from the historic point of view - at the end of the day, it couldn't be worse than the fact that no one stopped Christian religion in the medieval times and so many died terrible deaths and suffered horrible pain in the name of any god. Or do you suggest otherwise?

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