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Originally Posted by Ray Jones
I did not say something else. On the other hand, to me it seems pretty much a hard task to refill the gaps when you kill like 90% of the earth's population. And it seems impossible to control the whole world when you only got a handful citizens to fill up 50 villages and 10 cities. As an example, it took 250 years alone for the Europeans to get back from nature after the black death in the 14th century. Plans to take the world are always big, but what comes next?
You don't need to kill 90% of the population; only around 10% at most is needed and the rest will follow in fear. If you think all of them will lay down their tools and stop working for the greater good of things, then I think you're too expecting of humanity's dedication to morality.

Yes, but did the Roman empire conquer the whole world? No. And where is the Roman empire now with all its brutality and viciousness? Gone. Mainly due to internal problems, be it military, economic, or with their populace, that made it also easier for external aggressors to defeat them.
There isn't much of a difference between conquering a continent and the world, as least as far as violence is concerned. Once you get to that point, it's more a matter of culture and tradition, which always leads to conflict sooner or later. And the fact that the Roman Empire is gone has less to do with its reliance on violence and more of the ephemeral nature of governments. It certainly lasted longer than any entirely pacifist country, at least.

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