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Originally Posted by JKLE_Cougar
yes you can do this and it works

only problem is that some models are not updated
Right. Two models were done using a different technique from all the rest, and so they look messed up in MotS running under JKE... the Veamon's torso texture and the Rail Detonator skin. There was a MotS patched released awhile back that was supposed to fix this, but it didn't for me.

Also, if you pick a MotS model that isn't in JK, then your "weapon hand" (right fist) will be invisible with a weapon floating there.

The MotS specific weapons, models, etc are not replaced. Also, the "Sequencer Charge" mines appear in your hand as normal, even though JKE has them replaced.

Otherwise though it works great!

I can't wait for people to start working on mods to replace some more of the stuff so it looks less like Jedi Outcast...

It sounds like Shred is not going to work on MotS. The project is "done" as is.

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