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Originally Posted by sekan
How to i change in a dialog so the first time a npc talk to me it says "who are you?"
But the second time you talk to the npc it's says "so your back".
Do i need to do a script or just change something in the dialog editior?
I used Journal Entry states to control this action. When the Exile meets up with an NPC for the first time, the dialouge would check what Journal Entry level you are at.

When you first activate an NPC's dialouge, the script with check to see if you are below 10. After you finish your first time through the dialouge, you have a script fire off to change to level 11. When you revisit the NPC, any dialouge that activates to a <11 value will not be activated.

I wish I had my scripts, so I can tell you exactly how to do this. Give me a few moments, so I can find it here in the forums.

Quick Edit::
You place the script within the dialouge by using the DLGEditor. Tools Here.

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