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Originally Posted by master zionosis
Ok, well thats a bummer, as it is only a puppet the story i have made for it is only an extra line after the first to be revealed, it isn't to long, so how would i go about having a script that sets a global and another script that checks if that global has been set yet?
If you are using KotOR II, you will find a script under the Script directory of the KotOR Tool. You can place it in one of the dialogue conditions in the DLGEditor, and you can set the parameter to your specific value. The script looks something like 'c_chkinflu', but not in that exact designation. Any script with 'chk' in the name, under the Script tree in the KotOR Tool, are used so the modder can test conditions. Just start looking in the Script directory, which you can find with the KotOR tool.

I am thinking about making a comprehensive dialogue and script tortorial, which everyone can use as a cheat sheet. Since most of the veterans used scripts soley, they will most likely give you the old school way. I used a combination of script, dialogue, and journal entry testing. You know what. I am going to start working on it tonight. I will use DAP as my example, and I will try to make it as simple as possible. I will also make a list of basic scripts that people use to test conditions, and show you everyone how I did it. Everyone has their own way, and maybe I can contribute to the modding world a little. I just need to sit down with the mod to go over what I did.

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