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a bit of news

I'd say most have seen this and that it barely constitutes news but I appear to be suffering from a bout of insomnia so I may as well be constructive with my wide awake hours. PC Gamer in the UK ran a feature in this months magazine entitled 'The A- Z of Evil'. Its issue number 176. Monkey Islands own bad boy Lechuck was the entry under L. He's up there with such evil luminaries as Kane from C&C and the G- Man. Heres what the magazine said,

As seen in Monkey Island 1- 4
Initially, Monkey Island's signature baddie was just an angry ghost pirate stalking a girl who didn't like him. It's frankly astonishing how much oft- revised backstory the purportedly silly point-' n'- click adventures have managed to shoe horn in. Whatever his past, his present seems to be climbing the ladder of evil: he's escalated from ghost to zombie to demon, so perhaps he'll be a Nazi or an advertising executive in the next game. One thing's for sure: he's both partial and allergic to voodoo, which in each game has been central to his latest cunning plan and his eventual defeat. He's also one of the very few villans to have emerged triumphant at the end of a game, trapping his nemesis Guybrush Threepwood in a demonic pastiche of Disneyworld at the end of Monkey Island 2.'

Said I'd throw it up because its Monkey Island related.
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