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Download JKE. Rename the gob to goo. Then fire it up.

I forget which is easier, running it via Patch Commander or running it from a batch file (bat file), or just tossing it in the folder so it runs automatically with MotS.

Anyway, one method you use makes the game crash if you try to edit your multiplayer characters, so be sure you set them up in regular vanilla MotS BEFORE you run the mod. (another method you use, you can edit your players, but they'll just look like a rainbow colored mess in the preview, but fine in game, just like running JKE with JK).

If you apply the MotS unofficial patch (also available from it may run better, but I didn't notice a difference.

The complete directions for installing the mod is included in the readme. I can't explain it any better than they do.

After you've done that and if you still have problems post here and I'll fix everything.

The guy isn't interested in working on MotS. Technically he didn't even finish the JK one, since he didn't want to replace WeeGee or the AT-AT or the Stormtrooper transport. But he said it was "good enough" and that's all the work he's willing to put into it.

MotS has a whole new set of models, so it would take at least as long, with one guy doing it as the JKE one took (and since there aren't many equivalents in Jedi Outcast/Academy you'd have to use your imagination more... he claims he didn't import any models directly from those games, only used them as a guide when creating his).

Making the levels "cleaner"? In what sense?

I haven't heard a thing. If it's not posted on JKhub, then I don't know how you'd find out unless you talk to the editors yourself.

Note: each of the JKhub project pages has a "forum" connected with it, and you can go there and ask them yourself.

Basically we don't have a lot of people from there posting here, so we don't really know what goes on. One has to venter there to find out. I don't mean to say that in a mean way, but that seems to be how it's been going.

The JK/MotS editing community seems to pretty much stick to the site it originates from and rarely do they venture out. Our site was a haven for JK/MotS back in the day, but somewhere along the line it seems like other than a few holdouts (like your's truly), it's mainly attracted people interested in Jedi Outcast & Academy, or other games for those forums associated with them.

Pity, but I realize we can't be the center of everything. Let them have their community.

Go forth and report back what you find!

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