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Originally Posted by Alien426
The video:
The dude fails to see that the costs don't just vanish. Someone gets paid that money. If that someone is spending the money on the market that invested it: no harm done.
Buying oil and natural gas often means that money goes to Saudi Arabia or Russia. Do they spend a lot of money on western stuff?

That's assuming the money only goes to one person or corporation. Your point is valid though, if it was decided that governments should start spending much larger amounts of money on dealing with climate change, there will always be someone waiting to cash in in some way or another. I do feel there would still be a depression though, if only for a short time and it may not last for as long as in the 30's (one could hope).

Effectively thia argument this person hasput about has gone just about everywhere on the internet in the past week or so and he does have a very good point, if you don't take the risk to start working now against something that may or may not be a threat, you'll lose control over the situation if it does become an issue.

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