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Originally Posted by elfdutch
ok, so i just bought Jedi Acadamy off ebay. I found some official patch, version 1.01 and patched the game. I tried to go online, but i can't get on. Its saying server is using protocol 25, whatever that means.

Any solutions for this problem?

Thanks for any help
The protocol message simply means that the server is running a different version of the game to the one you have. Since there has only been the one patch, probably the server is unpatched. It could be mod related, but it's usually the base game *edit* I just checked, the patched game runs protocol 26.*edit*

Also, if you're wanting to play Jedi Academy online, I'd also recommend downloading the Japlus mod. While it has it's critics, 90% (or so) of servers are running it and you won't be able to join the servers without it.
You can get it from:
I went for as long as I could without it, but couldn't find anywhere to play.
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