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Let Decide Where Our Tax Money Go!

I pay taxes in the USA, and well, I am quite upset that I have no say whatsoever on where exactly my tax money go.

Other people feel the same way. Republicans may be angry at how they are pouring money into that Ponzi Scheme known as Social Security, and Democrats are fuming at how their money is being burnt in Iraq. Frankly, many people are upset, and they have no way of changing the situation, unless...

Here's an idea I got. Along with the regural Income Tax filing, you fill out a form that allows you to list three preferences to where your money goes. The first prefence states that 30% of the money goes to a cause that you like. The second preference states that 20% of the money goes to a cause that you like. The third prefrence states that 10% of the money goes to a cause you like. The remaining 50% can be used by the state however they want.

So, if a military person feels that the USA needs more money on the military, he lists on the form that he wants 30% of his Income tax to go to fund military projects. And then, 30% of his income tax will go and fund the military projects. If a person likes diplomacy, he can request that 30% of his income goes to forigen aid. And so on and so forth.

The 50% for the State is used as a way of ensuring that the government will be able to function and do what is necessary, but the other 50%, to be decided by the individual tax filer, makes the person filing the tax feels as though that he really is playing a role in the USA, and could inspire a sort of love.

Problem is: Well, would it work? Would you support it?

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