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Oh, if only taxes went to something useful.

In my area, tax dollars are used to build bank after f***ing bank in empty lots. I'm not joking at all, the last 4 empty lots we had sell had banks built onto them making our grand total in a 10 mile radius like 12 banks. We have a bunch of old geezers on the construction board that refuse to approve money flow into kid and teen centers around here even though they run rampant around the area and hang out around the movie theater for lack of things to do. We have no YMCA, we have no church center, we have no after school programs, we have no parks, and no places to hang out at all beside the two shopping centers a mile from each other.

Yeah, I'd like my tax money to go somewhere worth while but I doubt it will ever happen. Our 14 trillion dollar debt to the world is an example of America not knowing how to spend its money.
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