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"It is not a matter of trust but the willingness of people to fight," Andros explained, "We the People of Avalon are warriors. We were born warriors and we will die as warriors. We live in harmony with our surroundings maintaining a delicate balance within ourselves."

"We fight when we must and when we swear an oath, we uphold it. The greatest of oaths are blood and honor bound," Almalexia added. She watched as Andros cast an appreciative glance at her. She looked at Hethra, aware that she wanted him to understand but the reason she was unwilling to admit to herself.

Andros was aware of the sudden change in Almalexia. His supersensitive hearing to the Force picked up on the tiniest vibrations within the Force and amplified it. Before Petronius died, he admitted that it was a gift from his ancestor, the greatest of all warriors. Andros brushed the feeling aside aware that it would grow later and addressed Hethra, "Avalon swore an honor bound oath and it will not be denied. She will aid the Republic. As to the forces of Avalon, they do not merely include that which live in the Avalonian system."

Jun-la then spoke, "It includes those within the Republic."
"Thousands of years of immigrants," Tulre added.
"The born Outcasts that survived on the Rim, the core and Midrim," Jun-la said.
"All Avalonian."
"All will answer the call."

"And the Jedi make up more than half,"Andros ended. Thinking briefly about it, he was aware that it sounded rather creepy to have his family finish thoughts before they were uttered and on cue. It sounded like they were Joiners but they weren't for at any time they could dissolve the connection. It was actually a means of protecting each other from enemy Force users who tried to sway them. The favorite was playing dejarik.

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