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Hello all. A while ago we posted a poll on what you wanted to be in an update, and the Empire of the Hand won with 39% of the votes, and a trailer following that with 13%. Therefore, this update will focus mainly on the empire of the Hand.

First though, there have been a few changes to the staff. We would like to welcome Darth dino to the team as a coder, and Nezill to the team as a skinner. Since joining they have both been a great help in the development of the mod. Tyrant has also joined the administration staff as a coleader. Congratulations to him on his promotion, keepup the good work!

We have also completed the minimod's full version. We would like to thank everyone who reported bugs from the public beta. This version has fixed many bugs and errors, as well as replaced a few skins with much better ones.
Download the Minimod

Now, for the renders.

And finally, this is a Chiss and planet in the unknown regions, mapped by Arbiter.

I'll be posting a galactic map featuring the planets we have shown in the general discussion area soon as well.

The next update in July will most likely feature a trailer for the Empire of the Hand.

Yub Squadron
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