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the time 4 truth is now-chapter 7

A New Era
chapter 7
Padme grabbed Mical and dragged him outside Carth's office.
"I had a feeling you were a spy when we first met but the way you practically
worshiped me I thought,no he would not keep anything from me or spy on me.I thought you were different ,I thought you were good and pure.That you would not betray me like Revan,Kreia,and the Jedi Masters.I see now you would make a great Master,you lie and keep secrets like the best of them"Padme coldly said.
"I understand your hurt but believe me when I say,I was trying to protect you.All I want to do is keep you from harm and help you.I lo-"Mical cried but Padme cut him off.
"You love me ,that's what you were gonna say right.How can I trust those words"Padme ,choking back tears,said.
"I love you Padme Hawkeye.I knew that telling you this,all of this, would have been an extra burden for you.But now I can not hold it in"Mical grabbed Padme and kissed her.
Padme pulled away,she sensed they were not alone.She was right.She turned her head to the left and saw Atton.Atton looked like he had been gut punched.Atton ran away.Padme followed Atton, leaving Mical all alone.
Padme ran into the room Atton had been staying in.Atton looked up at her while he packed his bags.
"You made your chose I see.I was standing right here when I felt like you were in pain so I went looking for you and witnessed that So much for the pain theory."Atton said.
"He kissed me Atton,not the other way around.I would never kiss him it would feel like I was betraying-"Padme cut herself off.
"Finish your sentence ,who would you be betraying.For once just let your guard down and be honest with yourself."Atton asked
"You want honesty Atton well here it is.I love you for reasons that are beyond me.Yes I feel like I would be betraying you.Were the same Atton.Like you said we have both killed Jedi,although mine not intitionally like you did.You devotion to me scares the crap out off me.I believe you would follow me down to the dark side had I become a Sith.The way I influence people makes me wonder if they are really feelin what tey want to feel.You exspecially Atton.Do honestly believe you love me or are you just feeling that way because I want you to love me.Your overly protective and are driven by lust.That's the way to the dark side Atton.I fear if I let you love me it would lead to your destruction and I can ot have your blood on my hands they are stained with blood to much as it is.I love you to much to destroy you."Padme started to cry.
Atton cupped her face in his hands and wiped her tears"Don't you see angel our love redeems me and you.It can only be destroyed if let it and we won't let now will we.We have been given a second chance.I know I have nothing to offer you ,you deserve so much more but I love you too"Attonkissed her.
Padme sniffled"Kreia said something similar to that before she died,but your both wrong.Atton your love is unconditional and that kind of love is such a huge offering that it pales in comparision to anything else."
"Padme , when I say I love you its me saying it.Not the influence you have,none of that.It's me all me and heres proof'' Atton kissed her again so passionately that she knew he was now here my his choice and his choice alone.
"Atton I will have to leave but I want something to fight for and your it.I know guys are supposed to say this but ,will you marry me"
"Padme I would marry you in a second but are you sure.This is sudden"Atton was shocked.
"We have been dancing around each other since we met on Peragus.Besides it would mean I am legally required to return to you alive when I help Revan defeat the True Sith."Padme grinned.
"Well when you put it that way.I did promise you I would help you defeat the Sith and if marrying a scounderal will keep you alive,I feel It is my duty to be that scounderal",Atton smirked.
Padme laughed and kissed him"Can we have the honeymoon first"she giggled.
"As you wish,General."Atton answered.Then they embraced.
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