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Well, I used to love SWG. But it is not fair from my mouth though. I start playing within the first few days(actually first few hours, using my friend's account when he is asleep even before my copy is installed)

It is nice to se a Star Wars related world got built up from almost nothingness. From the glitchy start where you cannot sometimes take back your dead body(yes you read it right) to the empty dunceons and playgrounds, to new things like populated places, player houses, guilds, quests, events, mounts, celebrations. Oh and a bunch of people helping each other for real, like doing quests and killing things for the more smithy classes, finishing quests, Beach Parties.

Point? The game had a good start, but they skrew it up with poor developments, especially later on, and things like jedi swarm is just stupid.

Well, I would say no MMO for Star Wars for the time being. Maybe in the future, but definitely not now. And if anything kotor would be a better time, with more room for playing around.
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