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Top 5 PC games (Please read the rules in the first post!)

Yes folks, it's that easy, post you all-time top 5 of all PC games ever released...

1) Post 5 and only 5 in the order of preference, if you can't be bothered doing that, don't post. There can only be one game in each spot (expansions count as 1 with the main game though).
2) Put your list first and then explain your choices, this isn't a sum-it-up-then-leave thread
3) Keep it on topic please, discussion is welcome but only about games mentioned in this thread and not into too much detail, that's what other threads are for

My list:

1) Knights of the Old Republic
2) Neverwinter Knights (and expansions)
3) Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast
4) Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords
5) Freelancer

KotOR is a game I bought after Jedi Outcast, and I thought it would be in the same style, boy was I wrong...Never having played an RPG of that caliber ever before I was pleasantly surprised to find it came quite naturally to me to find the right Class, Feats, Skills, etc... to feed my gaming needs, and the storyline was truly amazing.

Same goes for Jedi Outcast, which had an amazing storyline and a very intuitive gameplay that could keep you busy for ages, the mods for this game are numerous and some of them are real gems that add even more hours of gameplay to this already great game.

Neverwinter Nights, I picked up after played KotOR, wanting to see what other good games Bioware had released, and I was again, pleasantly surprised...I wasn't familiar with the D&D rules before that (but I sure am now), but again I adapted quite quickly and finished the main storyline (longest game I ever played though)

KotOR II is a given really, but with all its flaws it's still a hard game to love. Once you look past the flaws though, it's a gem that could have overshadowed KotOR, which is good in a way, bad in another cause it leaves you wanting for more (which we don't get until TSLRP or KotOR 3 is out)

Freelancer is kind of a dark horse, but a very enjoyable space shooter with an intriguing storyline, good graphics and enough mods (plenty of Star Wars ones too) to keep you going for a while.

There ya go *phew*

Edit: Could a mod put "Please read first post" in the thread title somehow cause it won't let me do it, and maybe keep an eye on this thread...Cause either people aren't reading this or maybe I'm not speaking English, I don't know...Thanks

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