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Originally Posted by Aash Li
Unfortunately squishing it down to 500px makes the lettering unreadable (I tried it before going down to 700). And if I enlarge the lettering it covers up the girls too much... and without the lettering its just kinda not the same...

Edit: I remade the sig, just smaller, lettering is less readable... but you can make it out be recognizing the shapes of letters I suppose. lol
You can try leaving it at the size that it was, and removing the two pink images on the outside, since you're using the image as your avatar, it still wouldn't go "un-noticed."

Edit @ jcoolZombie:

Here's an attempt at the Castle Ruins image, the focus was a bit large than I'm used to, but I think it came out alright:

Just within the forum limits too, I think.

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