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[FIN] [NSW-Fic] Imposter

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The clock struck 11 PM. It was quiet, except the clock. She woke with a fright. Where was she? she wondered. Roaming the once-beautiful halls, she reasoned that she must be in the ruins of a castle. As she roamed further, she heard a muffled scream and cackling. There was an unquestionable air of despair.

Could it be him? she wondered, remembering one soothsayer who came to her courtyard. Said he, "If you try to run from the prince whom it is arranged for you to marry, there will be plagues upon you." But, had she run? She didn't remember how she got here. Suddenly, she tripped. After getting up, she saw someone, who seemed for the moment, asleep.

Soon, she had a desire to leave the dreamer. She saw a room with great light. She knew something would happen early the next morning. She located a secure room with multiple locks on the rotten door. But, would it be enough? she thought, as lightning struck with thunder.

She woke terrified because she saw an enormous figure, dressed in a royal cape, with a sword held over her neck. She felt weak, as he waved a stick, that she could not resist him. She, being terrified, gave into his command. During this, the 'dreamer' came in with a vast army to challenge this prince.

Impatiently, she grabbed a dagger, left on the ground, and rushed at the prince. She couldn't recall anything more until she woke, once more, seeing the 'dreamer'. Now that it was daylight, she saw his noble outfit. She understood: she had been running from an imposter. The 'dreamer' must be the true prince. They were married months later. Never was there such vast danger in their kingdom again. And, it's said that they lived happily to the end of their days.

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