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I did sense the dark side approach but it was predicted that the enemy will arrive to the planet in 2 hours; I decided to transmit a message to the planet.

“Officer open hologram to communicate our forces in the planet”- I commanded.
“Yes, sir”-The officer did as I said.

Then from the table the hologram opened, there was an official in the image.

“Where is the Imperial Knight Shan?”-I said
“Sir, He has not arrived”-The officer responded
“What?”-I said “How he dares to not show up?, how is command right now?”-I said
“I am sir, Hert Yen at you’re services, Imperial Officer from here sir, Ord Matell and proud server of the emperor and the empire”-He said
“Ok, you will be in command Officer, hope you are good because we cannot afford to lose this planet or this station, do you understand officer Yen?”- I said firmly
“Yes,sir I will report any progress or any problem directly to you”- he said
“Good if not me do to my fellow Imperial Knight Herrith Clouwynn,As soon as we Believe that the station will be safe we will head down to help in the planet”-I said
“Yes, Sir .Good bye”-He said
“Good bye”-I responded

I then sensed the dark side

“What the ..?”-I said
“Start the shield and send all the fighters the enemy is very close, I can sense it “-I commanded
“Inform Herrith”- I added
“Yes , Sir”-The officer of the station said.

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