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Originally Posted by Redtech
Anyone ever play Full Spectrum Warrior? Now that is a good squad game, as you could order units to take cover ANYWHERE and they'd work out what to do themselves, rather than it being so scripted. Also had a lot of cover and the use of tactical advantages of cover and flanking tactics.
I have an idea what if like u and you last 2 squad members went back to kamino and then they got word that a signal from the CIS got into there sytems some how that Sev was being held some where on Kashhyk close to where they fought in that wookie city. Then right before they leave they get a report of a CIS battle ship is coming in from hyper space and starts sending droind despencers down to Kamio. So delta sqaud suits up and try to take out most of the despencers while they get some help from Accalamotor that is above Kashhyk. They send a disstress signal to it to come back to kamino and help them take out that battle ship while some gun ships and a jedi star fighter with (some jedi u pick a name) trying to take it out. So while ur taking the despencers out ur also trying to defend the city. So u get some help from the clones that are down at Kamino. Well the despencers are landing every where so u have to be in a damn hurry to take them all out while that accalamotor is coming to help. So afer the CIS battle ship is destroyed from the help from the accalamtor. So then 2 gunships come down to kamino and land in one of the platforms. Then fixer and scorch get on 1 of the gunships while boss (or who evers playing the game) gets on delta sqaud's advisor's gunship and meets the advisor. Then the gunship take them to the accalamotor that halped them and land in the accalamtor. Then say thanks and say hey (or any greeting) to the captain of the ship that helped them. (WORKING)

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