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"Sir! Enemy fleet arriving in approximately 30 minutes. Signals strong. Around 200 fighter-class ships identified as Sith Starfighters and ten capital-class battleships detected. Awaiting your orders, Sir!"

"Here they are. Assume positions immediately! Since they will outnumber us, we will have to keep them as close to the bay as possible so we can make effective use of turrets. I will contact the command center in the meantime. Prepare for a report delivery in ten minutes."

Herrith went on to inform the command center.

"My troops will be ready in minutes. How are your preparations going? ... Fair enough. I have been informed that the enemy will arrive in half an hour with 200 fighters. Our position would outweigh their quantitative advantages, but there is no telling which surprises the Force has in store for us, so be ready for everything. Any word of Shan? ... Darn it! Hope he is not in danger. It would be good to have around right now. ... Yes, I know our friends are the Sith. May the Force be our ally."

Herrith then contacted his squadron leaders. There was nothing wrong with reports, yet Herrith was sensing an unrest in the air. a disturbance in the Force.
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