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1. Fallout2: The game that made me start play RPG, and there so much you can do, don't know how many times i finished it, and with very diffrent characther. One time i finished it with a diplomatic characther, i only killed one enemy in that game, and that was a Roadscorpion when they surronded me, another time i finished it with a Jinxed Mele figther.

2.Planscape: Torment: After i have reinstalled the game i most say that this game rules, the charachthers, the story evrything is great. I get teared eyes by Dak'Kon story of his ensalvement, and Mortes sarcastic humour crack me up. If it wasnt for Fallout made me start play RPG, this would be the nr1 on my list

3. Kotor: What to say about Kotor, just a great game, good story and its Star Wars

4. Starcraft: IMO the most balances RTS that exist, and funniest to, i play pretty much RTS, but when i get bored on the new ones, i always start to play Starcraft again.

5. Battlefield2: Great FPS, BFf1942 is good, but BF2 is better, when you get a good squad, that have a good teamwork, this game really rocks.

EDIT:Think i most edit this, and move Planscape up to second place instead of fifth. Just reinstalled the game, and now i remeber how good the game is, i get shivers running throgh my body at some points, and the characther really are good. The story of Dak'Kon beats evry Kotor characther

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