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Originally Posted by SykoRevan
I'm having a problem with KSE after downloading Shem's Super-Enhanced Mod for TSL. Every time I open KSE, it encounters an error. At first, I thought it was because I mixed up baseitems.2da, but now I have the right .2da and it still encounters an error. My TSL save it right at the beginning, right after my Exile gets out of the kolto tank. I don't remember having this problem before, so I am stumped. The only other mods I installed so far since I had to re-install my TSL game are the Prequel Sabers and Ultimate Sound Mod, as well as the update patch.
I'm having the same problem. Standard windows "this program has crashed" stuff.

I read through a couple of posts on this page and resolved that Shem's Super Enhanced mod is the probable cause for it(as its the only one that modifies spells.2da)
I removed spells, skills, and baseitems 2da's from both override folders and replace skills and baseitems in both, which allowed KSE to run. At that point i placed spells.2da back into KoTOR's override. KSE still worked, however once i placed spells.2da back into KoTORII's override it gave me the error once again. I can only theorize that something about my TSL spells.2da is making KSE hate it to no end.

and in case you want to have a look at the spells.2da for TSL that i'm using(which is causing KSE to not like me or the game.)

Link to .rar file:;7879222;;/

Link to .zip file:;7879218;;/

I wasn't sure which file format you were used to so I included both. Hope this helps in resolving this issue for myself and others like SykoRevan
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