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Ok thanks to TK's help (via pm system) the problem is fixed.

first(if you have excel which speeds it up) download Excel 2DA Add-in from

and follow the readme instructions to get that enabled(i guess you could use the 2da editor in kotor tool, but the excel is a lot faster)

next you need to open your KoTOR II spells.2da

then locate the line that has
FORCE_POWER_CHOKEF | 136329 | 136330
and change the numbers 136329 and 136330 to **** (4 asterisks) and write the 2da file back out to your override.

That should fix it(unless you have other conflicts)

This solution is for the people who don't have Darth333's Choke Anyone mod but use Shem's Ultimate Sound Mod(includes those who use his Super-Enhanced mod as well, because you need the Ultimate Sound Mod to use it.)

The error is due to the line with FORCE_POWER_CHOKEF which references Darth333's Choke Anyone mod.

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