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1: Star Wars Dark Forces 2

The only game i ever played that had me hooked. I mean literally hooked. Even today, there is something about it that gets me playing it for hours. Plus it really got me heavily into star wars so that kinda why i love it.

2: No One Lives Forever

The most underrated game ever. It had layers and i mean LAYERS of depth to it and so much detail that you forgot you were actually in a game and more like a campy 60's spy film. Fantastic unique game. I honestly recommend it even now.

3: Kotor 2 (Yes 2 first!)

If it wasnt for the music, this game wouldnt have been rated so high. Although vastly buggy and unfinished, Kotor 2 had this depressive yet hopeful theme that was carried throguh from one planet to the next that made me fall in love with it. The fact i got this game at a particular high point in my life makes it remind me of the good times every time i play it.

4: Kotor 1

I bought this game on a whim and it changed my life. It introduced me to RPG's and even though i still don't have a fricken clue on how they work, this is a fantastic game. I don't really need to explain here but again it had all the qualities of something cinematic and something huge. Also what fascinated me was the scale of the game and the ENDLESS replayability. It was a shock to my system.

5: Starfleet Command 2 Orion Pirates.

I always wanted to play a Trek game set in the early movies and this was it. The fact that the majority of the missions and they're contents are random means no two missions are hardly identical and the fact its so easily tweakable. It was also the cause of a few bizarre dreams involving me on the bridge of the Enterprise and a giant flying cage monster which when destroyed, we all drank cocktails sat in a corridor. Feckin bizarre but great timmes for me.

Waking up.

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