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Originally Posted by rocky348
the mod i am working on is a new way to get the lightsaber, and because it has nothing to do with baodur, i want to take out the parts for the lightsaber quest, so it doesnt show up in the journal. Right now what i have come up with is making the parts something else and then modifing two of the earliest trigers for it to call for all three of them, and then as a second script removing the journal entry. But if i can edit the bif file i would prefure to do that.
Modifying the data file to prevent the quest from being triggered would be the preferred route if you want to deactivate a quest in the standard game. Modifying the KEY/BIF data is a sure way to make your mod extremely incompatible with all others since any files the player has in their override folder will override any changes you have made to the BIFF files, and most mod installers will assume the data in the BIFF data files is untampered with and not look at it for changes to make new mods installed compatible with.
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