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I got this very recently and I must say, I'm amazed, astounded, stupefied. This is one hell of a game and I'm hooked. Great graphics, awesome weapons and lovely vehicles. I still haven't finished it, but I will soon. The only thing I felt wasn't totally realistic was the vehicle damage factor. The warthogs never showed a sign of damage even after I bumped it around everywhere possible. I loved the blood and gore though, very very cool stuff.

2. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
This was actually my first ever RPG and I fell in love with it the moment I started out. The leveling up, the awesome combat and force power effects were all totally great. It had a really nice storyline, lots of choices, lots of quests, etc. I think this will remain my favourite SW game for a while.

3. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
To hell with all of the new flight sims with flashy aircraft and sexy graphics. Nothing beats this old classic. I still enjoy playing this a lot. This was my very first Star Wars game and I'm never going to get bored of it.

4. Star Wars: Battlefront II
Plain fun to play. Very easy to get stuck to. The storyline wasn't very great, but it was pretty good, good enough. I really liked the award scheme of the game, and the rewards were really appealing too. Only thing that I really disliked was the fact that Jedi were supposed to go around killing like maniacs to sustain themselves. I'd have preferred a normal health bar and the usual ability to heal with the medic droids rather than the "kill-to-heal" system.

5. Star Wars: Republic Commando
Really fun to play FPS. I liked the variety of weapons and grenades and such, but there isn't a lot of replay value since there's only 3 main battlefields. And losing Sev was really unpleasant to me the first time I played it. Overall though, I like it a lot.

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