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I'm well aware that about 30% of the Federal Budget goes to the military, however it is extremely naive to think that countries would like us and leave us alone if we didn't have a strong military. Israel has had to do the same thing, keeping and extremely strong military to actually prevent neighboring countries from attacking them, because it would be extremely stupid to do so.

Btw, if not for Israel, Saddam would have had nukes back in the late 1980s early 1990s.

Additionally, there is a reason the Constitution states the President is the Commander and Chief of the armed forces, because you can't run a war by a mob in command.

While a lot of tax money has been inappropriately spent, much of it can be blamed on Congress and their earmarks to legislation. Some earmarks can be justified but most cannot, we could go a long way towards balancing the budget by eliminating most of the earmarks.
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