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thrust / brake glitch and camera dropping back

Hello. As a nostalgic player of Rogue Squadron 3D, I finally downloaded the game onto my new super duper dual processor computer and found what I believe is the thrust/ braking glitch. After many attempts at fiddling with options, turning them on, off, switching them and all that, I tried to find something out on the net.

Needless to say, there is almost NOTHING on the net about this glitch except what you may find in this forum and a few others. What I DID find, though, was that if you pres F1, it will change your view to right BEHIND the craft, and the brake/thrust glitch goes away and everything is fine.

Again, this advice pertains to the thrust/brake glitch which basically does not let you brake at all, but gradually accelerates your craft until it is nothing more than a little spot in the distance, FAR beyond your camera.

If you can live with flying your missions from right behind the tail end of the craft you're piloting (I know I can), then you may not expierience this glitch by simply pressing F1.

I hope this helps anyone who was encountering the same frustations I was until I discovered this.
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