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Character Problem

Hi There
I am having a problem with some droid npc's i am trying to create, and was woundering if someone can help please.

This is for kotor 2 tsl.

First i extracted some model files.
The files are.

Then i extracted the texture files
The files are.

Then i extracted the character file
The file is.

So i renamed all the files to create a new npc droid
c_drdmkfour.mdl to c_asstdroid.mdl
c_drdmkfour.mdx to c_asstdroid.mdx
c_drdmkfour01.tga to c_asstdroid01.tga
c_drdmkfour01.txi to c_asstdroid01.txi
c_drdmkfour.utc to c_asstdroid.utc

Then i hex edited the model files to include the new texture name and the new model name then i created a new line in appearance.2da(line number 673) and edited the utc file to point to that line and changed the TAG to AsstDroid and the Templete ResRef to c_asstdroid.

The problem i am having is that my new npc droid will not fire his weapon at me. The droid is doing the animation but there is know sound or lazer blast's coming at me.
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