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Originally Posted by Aash Li
How do you rotate the camera around so you can see your chara? I cant seem to zoom in or anything. >_>
As far as I know there is no "Vanity Mode" in Jade Empire, unfortunately.

It can be partially faked, somewhat, in combat mode by pressing and holding the Block key, since this will allow you to rotate the camera around your character with the mouse. If you do this long enough it sometimes gets stuck in that camera angle when you release the block key until you attack or move, allowing you a look at your character in the normal combat stance as well.

This, along with screenshots from dialogs/cutscenes is what I've used to make screenshots of my characters so far. It might be possible to make a mod that allows you to put your character into cutscene mode at will and pick a camera angle, though I haven't looked into how the game allows camera movement yet to be sure.
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