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Originally Posted by MJ
Yeah, but really, what actor doesn't have that problem? Ever noticed how Mushu from Mulan sounds exactly like Donkey from Shrek?
At least they were in different movies

Considering that I've provided the voices for probably around 10 characters in different radio plays, that's pretty good.
Oh, I don't want to come off like I'm knocking you, you're fantastic. Brilliant really. The fact that you can do 10+ characters who do sound nearly completely different is impressive.

Oh, and DeCazador and LeChuck are voiced by different people. But there's only so many different pirate voices you can have.
Wha, really? *check's credits* That's really weird. Because, if LeChuck talked just a little faster and surly he'd sound pretty much exactly like DeCazador. At least to my ears.

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