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I finished the game (again) last night. Surprisingly, I ended up breezing right through the dreaded Meat Circus. The Flaming Cages took me only two tries and, boom, I was through them and on to the end ladder climb.
It's just weird how one time through it takes me forever to get through the Meat Circus and then another time through it's easy as can be. Go figure.

I also discovered that the game cheats. :-) By the time I arrived at the Flaming Cages the water level was extremely low. But I screwed up and when Raz "re-set" to make the second attempt, the water level was very high in comparison to the first attempt. So no matter how many times you fall off the Flaming Cages, the water level is always at the same height. It's the same if you fall into the water during the last half (the Psi-Float through the Rings of Fire and the Rotating Hatchets). The water always restarts at the same level.
Which is a bummer. Too bad the game doesn't remember the level of the water. It would have been more of a challenge if it did. Then there would be times when you got to the last event (the long ladder climb) and maybe you wouldn't make it when the ladder dips back down before arching back up.

And I play with the sound down during the Meat Circus. I got real tired of Little Oly saying "Ow, that hurts!", the Ghost saying "Razputin!" and the Evil Dad saying "You used to like to play catch. Think fast!" :-P
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