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Originally Posted by Achilles much catching up...

Unfortunately, the link is no longer available. Do you happen to recall the topic?
Not sure, but I think it had something to do with the political situation vis-a-vis congress's potential to override Bush re ESC research. Given the vagaries of politics, it might have proven unduly optomistic at the time the article was published.

I agree, hence why you'll never see me use either term without parenthesis. FWIW though, "pro-choice" is less misleading than "pro-life". "Pro-choice" implies that the opposition opposes choice which is true. "Pro-life" implies that the opposition opposes life which is a blantant misrepresentation.
Frankly, pro-choice was the euphemism to put a "nicer/friendlier" face on the pro-abortion movement, thus a disingenuous marketing ploy to soften it's image. The reason I don't use the term pro-life is that I never got into the "whole cloth" concept. Technically, if you're pro-life, it might be expected that you'd oppose capital punishment as well. Hence I think in terms of anti-abortion, pro-capital punishment.

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