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I've actually moved away from implementing the original Unlagged and moved towards more of an Enemy Territory approach with Antilag with some aspects of Unlagged attached. As well as the now released ETPro mod's "antiwarp" code.

Basically I've left this:
"True Ping"
"Skip Correction"

What's different:
Skip Correction Code
Functions follow a different naming scheme and such.
Tweaked some items stored with position.
Most of the debugging stuff is gone not able to be active by default.
Removed all of the rest of the cgame unlagged code except the bounding boxes though I don't think they are even correct. Technically everyone should be using capsules for player tracing anyway...
The missile code tweaks on server are gone

Box: Rectangle
Capsule: Basically a cylinder with a hemisphere stuck to each end of it.
G2: Special code but I dunno that I really like it all that much being that we don't get a whole lot of control over it.

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