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Originally Posted by Phantom Knight
I despise books and movies that try to be as good as LoTR, but that just aren't!
*slap* seriously

Originally Posted by Ray Jones
Bollocks as in testicles? Does that mean Potter is, in fact, first class and excellent performed PORN?
So for you first class porn is just.. testicles?

Originally Posted by Sea Turtle
I didn't think the book was that bad, as long as you keep in mind what it is. The author was only in his late teens/early twenties when he wrote it, so you can't really expect too much. I thought he did quite well. I mean, if I tried writing a fantasy novel I'd have probably given up by chapter two.

Originally Posted by Ave
I never did that, I mean fully. I tried to get through Prizoner of Azkaban before the movie, but I threw up on my book.
All of your posts in the harbour seem include memories of the expulsion of various bodily fluids of yours
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