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Uncharted Terratories

Uncharted Terratories is set during the Galactic Civil War. The Emperor has just sent Thrawn into the Unknown Regions to try and expand the Empire's reach. You can play as the Chiss, Thrawn's Expedition Team or one other faction (to be named later). There will be no Rebels, and no Empire as we know it. However, all factions will have to face numerous threats that would "freeze your blood if you knew about them" such as the Vong and the Vagaari.

Playable - Thrawn's Expedition Team, Chiss Ascendancy, Third Unnamed Faction
Non-Playable - Vagaari, Jedi Purge Survivors, Outbound Flight Survivors, Yuuzhan Vong, Black Sun, Hutt Cartel, Bothan Spynet, Seperatist Remnant (and more yet to be named)

This mod is for Star Wars Empire At War: Forces of Corruption
The mod forums are here:
Mod Leader: THX1138 (Skinner/Coder/Mapper/Modeller)
Co-Leader: Daft_Vader (Mapper/Coder/Modeller/Rigger/Skinner)
Mod Team: Lord of Sith (Coder), HiiMyself (Mapper), Mandalorian (Concept Artist), Slornie (PR Manager), IcemanX (Mapper), Betaplayer (Coder/Mapper)

More information to be forthcoming.

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