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Originally Posted by King Dando
Funnily enough,

Skulls - The Misfits - Formed in 1977 by none other than Glenn Danzig, this was my introduction to Horror Punk, which is Punk, although influenced by Horror Films, Doo-wop and Rockabilly.

Although the original Misfits have disbanded, they are now led by Jerry Only, whose brother Doyle was the drummer until he quit to form Gorgeous Frankenstein, after which he reunited with Danzig's band, Danzig to perform special sets of Misfits songs on Danzig's Blackest of the Black 2005 and 2006 tour
Saw the Misfits last year with Osaka Popstar featuring the one and only Marky Ramone, surviving member of the Ramones, Punk pioneers...The Misfits set was good, Osaka was a great icing on the cake, it's as close to seeing the Ramones as anyone will ever get nowadays...

On another note, been listening to a lot of Unearth recently, their first two albums in particular: The Stings of Conscience and The Oncoming Storm, which are landmarks in the metalcore genre...
This band just blows me away, it's like pumping pure adrenaline into your brain it's that heavy yet flippin' amazing!

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