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Doctor Who!

I've probably missed the right time to post about this (ironically), but better late than never.

I was just wondering if there were any other Doctor Who fans at Mojo? If so, what did you think of the last season (due to conclude this Saturday)?

I loved it, though I think season two was a little more exciting. Blink was really good though, and the 1913 episode, and of course theis season finale which is shaping up to be really exciting (as it always is).

Martha is a good companion... very different from Rose. I like the way that she's been in Rose's shadow this past season, and only emerged right at the end. We haven't had much of her family (certainly not as much as Roses) but now we're starting to really care about them. I think this was a good decision - I was a big Rose fan, and I wouldn't have liked it if we'd moved on too fast.

And Captain Jack. I love Jack.
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