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* due 2 recent events this fan fic is coming to an abrupt end.


Padme left for the Unknown Regions shortly after Visas married Carth Onasi.Visas survived the assassination attempt.Carth and Visas divided their time between Telos and Kataar.They had 3 children :2 boys and a girl.Mira died saving a village, as Kreia predicted.Atton stowed away on the Ebon Hawk when Padme left.She couldn't talk him out of it.She also found out she was pregnant. The baby was a girl , she had Atton's hair and Padme's blue eyes.Due to the fact that she had to go to the Unknown Regions ,Atton and Padme with a heavy heart left the child with Mical,who although broken-hearted raised the child like she was his own.Padme and Atton were never heard from again.Their child was named after Mira.Mira Rand grew up to be a Jedi Counsler ,she was kind and beautiful.But that is another story, for another time.
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