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Yeah, the Daleks are around a lot considering that they were supposed to be extinct. Also, Rose hanged out with her father way too much, considering that he was supposed to be dead.

But the thing I love about Doctor Who, is that it somehow manages to bypass the cynical adult side of my brain, and plug straight into my excited, wonder-filled inner child, in a similar way that games like Monkey Island do.

Funny that you say that all the episodes seem the same after a while... I always think that another of the shows strengths is how varied it is. Unlike something like Star Trek, the characters can be in any place or time - so one episode they're on the moon in the present day, the next they're talking to Shakespeare, the next they're in the year five billion, on another planet... also, the assistant and even the main character changes.

I loved the "blokes in the masks" episode! Madame De Pompodou. I like episodes like that, which play around with time, like Blink did. The Satan pit was also very good. that's true, though if you do that I find you still have an urge to blink... like, blinking with only one eye sort of goes half-way, and it makes it more tempting to go all the way. Try it and see!
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