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  • Unfortunately the horse issue is a common one, and without mods (you're on Xbox?) it's a toss up on whether you'll find it again or not. Check the stables where you had originally bought the horse. Many times their AI tells them to "head home" if anything glitches.

    Also, Fast Travel to a town, enter it.. then exit and check to see if the horse maybe re-stables.

  • For the red attributes, check your magic menu. Thelast section lists all the effects your character is under. See if there is a Drain or Disease that's hurting your scores. Best bet is to go to a chapel and pray at the Altar of Nine. It fixes just about everything except for Vampirism (full)...

  • Draining, typically isn't permanent unless it's a non-duration spell. If that's the case, then yeah.. it's permanent until you go get healed/restored at a chapel (or potion)...

  • You can get Daedra Artifacts by fulfilling their respective quests located at their shrines (scattered throughout Tamriel). They're usually noted by a large statue with 3 followers lingering around and praying. Talk to the essential person (crown icon) and s/he will tell you what you need to do to summon the Daedra in order to get their quest.

    Different Daedra Lords require different levels in order to do them (not to mention having to find the buggers.. hehehe).

    Some locations and requirements can be found here:

Hope that helps!

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