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Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol
A few of my attribute numbers have gone red and aren't increasing as I level.
Is there some kind of spell on me or something that I have to get removed?

There have been a few battles where my speed or my willpower was drained. Is that a permanent effect? Just wondering. There aren't any opportunities in conversations to ask anyone about it.
Depends on what you got hit with. "Drain" effects are usually time limited (unless they are applied as a permanent ability, but that pretty much only happens as part of a quest) and nothing (except perhaps Dispel) can be done about them until they expire. "Damage Attribute" effects on the other hand are permanent and can only be negated with Restore Attribute spells, or by praying at an altar in a chapel (unless your Infamy is too high, in which case your prayers go unheard).

They might also come from diseases which also can be removed with a Cure Disease spell or by praying at an altar.

Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol
I need to know how to achieve the Daedra artifacts co I can open the portal and follow the amulet.
Most of the artifacts you can get as reward for doing quests for the Daedric Princes will be accepted by Martin for the ritual, but not all of them are equally useful. I'd disregard Martin's advice and not give him Azura's Star since this is too useful to give up.

So I'd recommend doing a bunch of the Daedric shrine quests first until you get something that isn't worth keeping. You'll eventually want to do them all anyway since you're only allowed to do the Haermeus Mora shrine quest once you've done the quests for all the other Daedric Princes. Even though some might be a bit questionable from a moral standpoint if you play as a "good" character.
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